Modern Subway Nursery Art Prints

My new, modern Subway Nursery Art Prints are being featured on GroopDealz again!   These make a great gift.  They are selling for $10.00 (originally $16.99.)

I've added some new designs this time around.  Don't see one you love or in the colors you need?  I can customize one for you through my Etsy shop.  Pricing for that is $19.99 plus shipping.  I do offer a printable (DIY) version as well if you're a do-it-yourselfer!  Same price.

Which one is your fave?  I love them all!

Subway Prints

My Subway Prints are available on GroopDealz again!  YAY!  I always love it when it's deal time!
Here are the available designs...

You can always order them via my Etsy shops if you want them customized with different colors/graphics, but they are full price.  Still a great deal though!  You can find the girl prints   and the boy prints here...   

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Whale of a Tale Baby Sprinkle

We celebrated the expected arrival of our friends first baby last weekend.  Their nursery is whale-themed so I came up with this fun and colorful design that coordinates with their color scheme.  His name will be Jonah - perfect!  Can't wait to meet him and design a subway print to match!

Awesome Indiana Jones Birthday Party

Last October, my one-and-only celebrated his 8th birthday.
It's taken me awhile to post the pics from his Indiana Jones party, huh?

Will fell in love with Indy after we watched the movie series and decided this 
theme was perfect for his birthday.  
We started with a photo shoot of Will in his Indy gear.  Hat, whip and satchel.  
We wanted to make an invitation that looked like Indy's leather journal and include several pictures, 
so a photo was a must.

He looks like an Amish Boy here.

After we got the perfect picture, I started to scout out images to use for the journal invitation.  I did a search for leather journal pics and found this one that went nicely with the look we were going for.

Now onto the inside.  I googled Indiana Jones, maps airplanes, and compass and found some cool pictures to add to the first pages. 

For the next pages, I added Will's picture and some of the pages I scanned from the journal
my son had.  I also found the Indiana Jones font.  You can find the journal here...

Some worn tape and finger print graphics helped to make it look like an actual journal.

The next page had another picture (Amish Boy - lol) and the following included graphics
from the journal as well as the "official" invitation.  I created a small pocket to tuck the invite into.  
The invitation wording was also taken from the journal.

Next page...some more graphics from the journal, some stamps and another pic of Will.
I added another pocket which held the Round Trip Ticket to the party.

Last page included another image from the journal and pocket that had the map from Raiders of the Lost Ark, that Indy holds up and pieces together.

I wrapped each invite in kraft paper and tied them with string.  I also made these address labels and found these little stamp images too.  I used a postage stamp that I found at Hobby Lobby to "mark" them. We hand delivered the invitations to the kids at school.

Address Labels are available here.

Because I usually sell my designs that I make for Will in my Etsy shop, I needed to
change it up a bit because of all the copyrighted images I used.
Here's what I came up with...Still pretty cool if you ask Will.
You can find it here.

And now, onto the decorating!  This was a fun party to shop for.  Luckily, his birthday is
in October so all the Halloween stuff is out by September and this year,
it's out already and it's early August!!

The Adventure banner below was made with Stencils.  I found those at either JoAnn or Hobby Lobby. I printed out the map I used in the invite and secured it to the back.  I also aged it with brown ink.  I found the clothes pins at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section.

The backdrop is a piece of faux leather fabric I found at WalMart.  The Dollar Store has great, inexpensive Halloween decor such as the fake spiders, snakes, bugs, gems, frames (which I spray-painted gold) and skulls (which I aged with brown ink as well.)  I found the luggage at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  The "crates" were old wine boxes and I stenciled those with
words from one of he movie scenes.
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The Cupcake Toppers are skulls from the Dollar Store, my designs and white chocolate skeleton, body parts that were dusted with cocoa.  You can find the Indiana Jones cupcake toppers that match the invitation here.

5x7 Party Signage is available here.

One candy choice on the candy buffet was cotton candy with a spider in it to resemble a spider web.
You can find the bag toppers here.  They are a bit different below than what I designed for the shop.
I like the shop one's better!

The Candy/Dessert  Buffet.  These tags are available at here.

The chocolate rocks were amazing!  Found them on Amazon.

Happy Birthday Banner with some spider webs adorned the staircase.

The Holy Grail!  I had an 8x8 paper pad of maps and taped them together for the backdrop.
The Holy Grail banner is available here....

I found this awesome, chevron burlap at Hobby Lobby and wrapped the water bottles in them.  I topped them with a little tag tied on with raffia.  Those can be found here.
They are perfect as stickers, envelope seals, confetti and more!!

I wrapped the juice boxes in brown paper and added a skull sticker.  
There are ton's a free skull images available online.

We made some blow darts for the kid's party.  Some PVC pipe cut into about 12" sections worked great!  I glued some string around them to tie them into the theme.  I also ordered some long medical swabs (Amazon) for the darts.  The Tented Signs can be found here.

The party favors were displayed in a "vintage" suitcase I found at Hobby Lobby.
I found model bi-planes (Dollar Store) for the kiddos to put together.  I also ordered some
small canvas bags (online somewhere?)  I tea-stained them to age them, stamped a map image (Hobby Lobby) on the front and the kids filled them with candy from the candy buffet.
This cute little explore banner was simple but cute!  It can be found here.

The favor tags for the canvas bags featured a graphic from the journal as well.  The favor tags for sale are a bit different and can be found here.

For Will's classmates, we decided to make something useful.  We bought some crayons and melted
them.  I found a gem and fedora chocolate mold online and we made crayons in those shapes.  
Kinda fun to do.  

I put them into these cute little kraft bags that I stamped with the same map stamp that I used on
the favor bags above.  We added one of the cupcake toppers as a tag and tied with twine.

THE Cake!  This was one of the "funnest" cakes I've ever made!!  
Believe it or not, it was one of the easiest too!  No joke!  I used 3 square layers.  Each one a big smaller than the other.  Some brown frosting for the base and green for the grass and vines.  Twix bars formed the steps.  I found the palm trees on Amazon as well as the chocolate rocks.  
Stuck Indy and the Golden Idol on top and there you have it!

The party was a blast to come up with and most of all, Will LOVED it!  
His 9th birthday...Vintage Star Wars.  Perhaps I can post that one on time!!!