This past weekend we celebrate my one and only's 7th birthday! 
I can't belive he's seven!  We typically do a kids' party on Friday and then the family party on Saturday - decorate once and get it done!

We did a Mad Scientist party - so much fun to do!  Since I figured I'm getting closer to no longer doing cutesy stuff for my boy, I went with a fun and colorful palette.

The invitations are not yet listed in my shop, but do not fear, they will be soon at

Enjoy the pics!

The Invitation

The Drink Lab

Drinks for Kids - Bacteria Beverages

Chalk Board in the dining room

The Drink Lab

Dessert Lab - aka Candy table

Candy Table

Candy Table

Experiment Lab

Goody Bags

  Inside Goody Bags


Specimen Jello in Petri Dishes


Toxic Kool Aid

The Cake

Hors devours - Artochoke & Spinach Vertebrae

Hors devours - mini BLT's

Hors devours - Ghost bones

Slimy Worm Experiment

Dry Ice

                                                                      Front Door Wreath

                                                   The Mad Scientist - with his own badge.

It was so much fun to design everything and stage all the different areas.  The kiddos at the kids' party had fun doing experiments such as, growing snow, shining a penny in a test tube, the infamous Mentos and Coke Geyser as well as making slimy worms.

The hors devours we had were fantastic and for dinner we ate -
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Homemade Mac n Cheese
Cole Slaw
Specimen Jello

A great time was had by all - especially the birthday boy.
Now to plan next years theme!!! LOL!
Make something cute!

Check out Spaceships and Laserbeams!!


  1. Looks like a great party!!!!!

    Love the drink lab!!

  2. I absolutely love what you have done with this party. It is so perfect for a young boy, my son would adore this. Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas!!

  3. LOVE IT! My son wants this theme for his 9th birthday in December. I am so stealing your ideas ;o) THANKS!